All the lovely artists we've hosted so far

McGuyver 2.0

Koning Acid


DJ & Producer from Barcelona, now based in Amsterdam.

Tess Travis

"cosey fanni tutti"

Bau Douin



Micha de Valk

Rik Reeders



Globetrotter, owlspotter

Boris de Jel


SSDJ Spacemaker

Labelboss of Electronic Emergencies. Parties: Panic in the Darkroom, Gay Bar & Zwart. Projects: ASS ASS & Black Speed Sisters.


Raderkraft is a project by Willem Stinissen (1980) from Amsterdam the Netherlands. The music Raderkraft makes is best described as electro minimal synthwave. In May 2015 Raderkraft was selected by Converse Rubber Tracks to do a studio recording session in The Amsterdam Recording Company guided by English producer Alan O’Connel. As a result of that Raderkraft was also selected by Chelsea Wolve to support them in the North Sea Jazz Club Amsterdam. In April 2016 Raderkraft met legendary dutch dj and producer Eddy de Clercq during a gig in Club Canvas Amsterdam. Eddy was fascinated by Raderkraft’s sound and wanted to release his work on his label Testlab Records. Testlab Records proudly announce to release Raderkraft’s first EP with 4 revoling energetic tracks called “Keine Richtung” in November 2016.

Starmint Distortion

Gameboy Destroyer


Psychedelic, dreamy, rhythmic and peculiar synthesizer music for your body and mind.

Rough Fields

Rough Fields is the solo project of UK-based producer James Birchall. Began in 2011 with a series of epic lo-fi cassettes on the Bomb Shop label, the Rough Fields project progressed through expansive song forms on debut album Edge of the Firelight, and surreal, dreamy pop on 2013's High Time EP. Birchall's productions display an acute understanding of dancefloor mechanics alongside more esoteric musical concerns.


Thickly layered noise, low-slung electronics and hypnotic tripping loops, keeping an unpolished rough charm, leaving textures of sound to blend together and spread out.